"Every Woman Wants a Dress No One Else Has"

It began with the making costumes and dresses as a preteen girl with two younger sisters as my muses. Our fantastic familial performances in now vintage then late 70's prom gowns were staged for video & photo shoots. Styling  my initial creative bursts with upcyled clothing I had no idea what the future held.

Creativity on the brain photo by ARTeries by Stina eared FauxFur Hat at LEAF Arts Festival October 2016

Sew a couple decades later I am a business owning mom who continues to  play every day. Creatively, I am an artist who gives women the experience of  helping to design a dress that expresses their inner beauty. The relationship that is developed is one of the focal elements of the slow fashion movement. So as the slow food movement gained steam, Kate Fletcher, from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion coined the term slow fashion.The popularity for slow fashion is growing in the United States as we adapt to the need of mindfulness for our resources and sensibilities of investing in our individual creative consciousness and the relationships that allow us to invest in these sustainable products.

"Every Woman Wants a Dress that No One Else Has" is the tagline for my custom clothing business, ARTeries by Stina, that I have been at work designing one dress at a time since 2007. My designs emerged from the inspiration of upcycling. There is no replicating when you have a limited amount of a certain material. Taking pre worn garments and splicing them into new garments that have a certain size and fit , make them unique and innovative.

Upcycling image by ARTeries by Stina

 As the US Style trends have adapted over the past half decade to emulate our style of  "upcycled." Through fast fashion sweatshop production equity, you can buy similar looking products at bargain basement values but they will not wear time well. AKA Next season's disposable clothing that will (hopefully be recycled and not) end up in a landfill

When I customize dresses for women we together lift the limitations of style, body type and size while designing  new timeless  style. Awakening awareness of beauty is our goal in providing custom products and services. Customers know they own the only version of their image.  They thus own the  experience of wearing  their ARTeries by Stina  original dress in confidence. What is more beautiful then a confident woman?

Maneater Dress by ARTeries by Stina at Shakori Hills Music Festival May 2016

Every Woman Wants a Dress No One Else Has






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