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 Untraditional, custom, formal and casual dresses & garments for the family wedding.

Handmade White Wedding  Linen Dress by ARteries by Stina

We specialize in designing custom one of a kind White Linen Wedding Dresses  for creative women who want to express their sensibility of Natural Fibers in High Styled Dress. These dresses are draped on the Bride through Dressmaking in a series of 3- 5 appointments which may include:

  • Original Conception drawing meeting and measurements 6 months + 
  • 1st Draping
  • 1stDress fitting
  • 2nd Dress fiting
  • Final Fitting

Celtic Wedding Dress and Kilt

Custom Designed Dresses may also be ordered  and  built from a Vintage Pattern and official measurements must be provided.

These orders can be conducted by emailing us with the Contact Us Link below.

Fabric Samples will be provided for online material orders, and Bride may provide fabrics or trims to be used in the process of designing the dress.

We  work with your budget. Wedding Dress price range is $275 - $ 750.

We make companion dresses for your loved ones.

Mother and Daughter Family Wedding Dresses