ARTeries Mobile Boutique

 “Everyone  wants a dress that no one else has"... sew get your own ARTeries original!

An art to wear clothing line that is built piece by piece by the creative hands of Stina, who designs textiles, unique styles, and renovates clothing while you shop aboard the fashion truck. If you have clothing that requires alterations; we can repair and recondition your garments.  We believe in selling 100% quality garments, that redefine fashion by  highlighting sustainably  and  eco-conscious  commerce.

ARTeries Mobile Boutique  is based out of Asheville NC  
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                                              Photo by Roger Duke  

Video by Standing Room Inc.


 ARTeries Mobile Boutique is on the road from  Asheville, NC. A Full Service Fashion Truck carrying only Handmade  Designer Fashions. Tailored customer service, quality crafted, unique upcycled clothing and accessories since 2007. Come Aboard and discover a creative way to shop that reflects your beauty and unique style!


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Come Aboard and Discover our astounding selection of designer brand handmade clothing and accessories 
ARTeries by Stina