The Art of Custom Upcycled Clothing

ARTeries by Stina is for "every woman that wants a dress that no one else has".

It's true! We women folk, want to be individuals, unique yet comfortable, sophisticated yet sassy. ARTeries by Stina clothing and accessories set us apart from the familiar by combining old clothes with new bold ideas.  

        Photo by Stewart O'Sheilds 

This designer comes full circle, returning to her roots as a fashion-forward child growing up.

Upcycling clothing ideas started for fashion designer Stina Andersen  as a young child.  Stina found early inspiration in the prom dresses of the 70s and 80s  that she discovered while scouring designer rack rooms  with her stylish and influential grandmother Lenore Dew.
Stina cut and remixed those fanciful dresses, creating her first designs with no sewing at all, rather she ripped, cut and tied dress tributes to be worn by her sisters and friends.  Her original creations ignited her imagination and unbeknownst to Stina, were a prelude to her future endeavors.
Stina started sewing in college as a hobby with no formal training and became known to friends as a renegade seamstress. Her talent came naturally. Friends caught on quick to her forte, and would bring alterations and upcycled attire for her to practice on.


The finished upcycled recipe screams individuality. 

Her practice payed off, and she soon recognized her passion for fashion. She revisited her childhood and began creating costumes for local performances. Back in 2008, she decided to focus solely on clothing. She started doing commissions for people  liking  the idea of originality; ARTeries by Stina the brand was born.
Each of her garments is unique and no two creations are the same. She does this by taking old clothes, cutting them apart to recreate a new pattern. She also will take two articles of clothing [or more] and combine them to make a refashioned individual garment.
Stina explains that upcycling old clothes are, “great ingredients for different styles so that the recipe turns out unique each time. ”


On the Road with ARTeries Mobile Boutique

 Stina Andersen operates a Mobile Boutique in Asheville, NC and travels regionally to Music and Art Festivals.  On board the Fashion Truck ARTeries Mobile Boutique  you will find everything creative and handmade from headbands to dancing skirts, wokkits and fingerless gloves to one of a kind statement dresses.  Featuring diverse Asheville clothing and accessory designers... Come Aboard to Shop with the HeART!


         Sew you want to learn how to DIY fashion?

Stina teaches sewing classes for small groups and schedules private lessons in the convenience of your home or on board ARTeries Mobile Boutique. She encourages students to scavenge their closets for out dated clothing to upcycle and helps them transform their old clothes into new wearable fashions.