Kickstarting a Mobile Boutique

22 February 2015

Kickstarting a Mobile Boutique

Sew, I am fresh off the block; to use a competitive swimming term from my youth. Streaming into the crowdfunding circles   

Kickstarter campaign!

Immediately, as the campaign went live I started to energetically feel like I had caught on fire; and YES, I am a fan of the Hunger Games Series... But a few months back I started listening to podcasts, and a good friend recommended   John Lee Dumas's Entrepreneur on Fire.  Hours were spent on the sewing machine by my wood stove; listening to the inspirational real words of John and his diverse successful guests. That drive to succeed started to rub off on me.

  • The decision to launch the Kickstarter was born from this inspiration to take my business to the next level and take a big risk. Trusting that the backers I need to help me purchase the Mobile Boutique Vehicle  will support my campaign is a leap of faith.                                   

  • The seeds for this project were planted many years ago. I have been traveling and regularly selling my clothing and accessories at Arts and Music Festivals such as: The LEAF Festival, Floyd Fest, LAAFF  and Craft Shows like: The Big Crafty, ICE Atlanta, and The Indie South Fair. My clothing line is very well received and sought after at these events where customers can try on unique looks in the popular dressing room, and buy directly from the designer herself.


    Before I started traveling regionally, I had a Fashion & Sewing Studio in  Asheville's River Arts District. I officially rented four studios in three different buildings in the six years I spent in the RAD.  I invested hundreds of dollars and labor hours renovating and restoring old factory warehouse spaces; making them into cozy sewing spaces and customer friendly shopping  Boutique spaces.  Each one was a step up to a better space- a more successful business - until my last lease wasn't renewed. I refused to start renovating another person's investment. Subleasing was too risky. Sew, I said farewell to my wonderful artist  colleagues  and moved my studio home.


    The following two years were extremely difficult for my small business. Trying to adjust to working from home; I  turned back to relying on my day job for steady income.  Since I was no longer able to bring in as much income from sewing classes and commissioned sewing projects; it felt like a step back. I had built a business on a location.  One that I no longer had access to.

    location independence

     The importance of location independence started to reveal itself to me.   I began to retool my business and started to travel to my clients homes' for private sewing lessons, closet consultations, and creative space renovations. I really appreciate all my amazing clients for transitioning with me.   Changing from working in a studio with easy access to all my tools and machinery to always being in transit, felt like flying by the seat of my pants at first. What I realized is that people loved sharing their homes. It was easier for them to make more creative space in their lives when I came to them.


    The Mobile Boutique Idea sprung forth from the merging of these two concepts: I was tired of schelpping my boutique set up to shows, and I needed to have my machines and tools ready to help with renegade seamstress alterations sewing classes, clothing closet consultations.  I am a "Material Girl" I need my fabric and clothes with me on the road... SEW a mobile space!


    As a full time single mom entrepreneur working part time, while building my clothing brand; I have been constantly reinvesting in my business.  I have been taking marketing classes, business planning classes, and have developed a weekly fashion designer meet-up to help other entrepreneurs.  I am dedicated to the success of this venture, because I believe it has a lot of potential to help people in my community.   What I have to offer is very valuable and this is how I can most efficiently grow to help more people.

  • Trusting that the time is right to dive in, and that swimmingly my Kickstarter Mobile Boutique will get funded!

  •           S-E-W- --I-T---U-P-, STINA
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