Building a new Boutique!

Over the past year ARTeries by Stina has been an instrumental part of the transformation of Asheville's Beloved Costume Shoppe.  In collaboration 14 other local designers, we took our outdated rental shoppe and slowly churned it into a juicy new Boutique where locals and visitors alike could purchase streetwear fashion, bespoke costumes, and Asheville Upcycled Couture. After 14 months of transition, however we realized that it wasn't enough to build upon the old structure of The Costume Shoppe by simply adding the word Boutique.

Sew, in with the new! Local Entrepreneur Jenna Caristo  is going to shake it up at 32 N. Lexington Ave. with renovations beginning November 15th as she forms a new Boutique around some of the original designers who are holding tight through the transition. Susan Sertain, owner of The Costume Shoppe is happy to retire from the day to day shop life as she heads back into her studio for more creative ventures. She will still operate The Costume Shoppe for seasonal and theatrical rental by appointment.

ARTeries by Stina, after 6 years in Asheville's burgeoning River Arts District (RAD) moved  out from under the public eye  to better meet production needs and expand business operations. We are  happy to now maintain a small home in downtown Asheville where both seasonal garments  and accessories are for sale.  Over the past ten years of building her brand of clothing, Stina Andersen, has moved her studio multiple times and this change is nothing new. "Our hope for the new Boutique is that it builds upon the collaborative magic that is created by our collective of designers, and meets with a more successful market through Jenna's renovations and rebranding as the place to shoppe for local Asheville fashion."

Jenna Caristo and Stina Andersen in  ARTeries by Stina's Boutique on the Road



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