Red Wokkit: The Leather Wallet for Your Wrist


$ 25.00

Hip leather cuff with a secret pocket that holds your ID, $ card, cash, and or a key.

Available in Black, Red, Tan and Brown Leather

Card Pocket lays flush against wrist bones.

Closure with one metal industrial snap.

Sturdy construction, nice leather selection.

To determine your wokkit size:

  1. To measure: Use a string/ribbon  that you can compare to a ruler if you do not have a measuring tape available.
  2. Measure the circumference of wrist at joint then again 4" above joint. Add 1/4" to each of these measurements to allow for wallet items. Add 1/2" if you like a looser fit.
  3. Determine Size:  XS  :6.25-7"       S :  6.75-7.5"     M : 7.25 -8 "    L: 7.75-8.5"  XL: 8.25-9”

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